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My Story

An Air Hostess...I wanted to be an Air Hostess...the careers advisor at school suggested I might like to go to University and I thought 'hotels' and its been hotels ever since! That coupled with my Granny's yearning for me to teach and I was destined to be a Hotel Learning and Development Manager.

Dundee, Scotland

Degree in Hotel & Catering Management., followed by a Masters.

Philadelphia, Sarasota, Boston, USA

Trainee Management programme with the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, initially in Philadelphia, Sarasota, Boston and Boston Common, all invaluable experience into the inner workings of luxury hotel operations and notably standard operating procedures!

London, UK

First management role as Assistant Executive Housekeeper at Hilton Heathrow Terminal 4, London.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Recruitment Consultant in Edinburgh

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was the next port of a Recruitment Consultant a client headhunted me, which probably speaks volumes of my sales skills!

This was my first Human Resources role in a hotel and I immediately loved the training aspect, moving onto a regional role with Hilton Worldwide which I held for 8 years.

Cork, Ireland

12 years in one place was a long time, itchy feet have brought me to Cork and the opportunity to start my own consultancy. 6 years later and I am still working with passionate hoteliers doing what I love!

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